Sep 16

How to save on my book

How to save on my book - get both the print book and electronic version

logoThere is a reason why my site is called "Raising the bar". My slogan is: The teacher must know ten times he/she teaches. See book reviews on Amazon and Lulu.com. Citing this foreword:

Having read Professor Mynbaev's previous books and research articles I was not surprised with his clear writing and precision. However, I was surprised with an informal and almost conversational one-on-one style of writing which should please most students. The informality belies a careful presentation where great care has been taken to present the material in a pedagogical manner. This will be useful for both student and instructor.

Look for best sites and coupons

Firstly, my book is available on many online sites. The price on Lulu.com, my publisher, is the lowest: it is $60.76 (already discounted at 20%).

Secondly, go to Lulu coupons page which lists additional promotions. Currently, one of the coupons gives you an additional saving of 25% until September 5. That results in $45.57.

Thirdly, if that looks too expensive, subscribe to their email promotions, and you may get an even better deal. Alternatively, the electronic version is just $5.99 (never discounted).

How to save on my book: the best deal

If you buy the print version at any time, email to me the prorainbowof of purchase and I'll be happy to email you your personalized electronic version for free.

Toast to all people who are passionate about Statistics!

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