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Kai_500by533Kairat Mynbaev
started his career as a mathematician. He graduated from Kazakh State University, Almaty, Kazakhstan, in 1970, and obtained his PhD from the Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics, Almaty, Kazakhstan, in 1981. Throughout his career, Kairat taught many different subjects in several different areas, including Mathematics, Economics and Statistics. During the last 10 years, his teaching was mostly in Econometrics and Statistics.

Kairat enjoys hiking and working out on a rowing machine. He has been married for over 40 years, has two children and two grandchildren. Download CV.

Book with OtelbaevHis first book, Weighted Functional Spaces and the Spectrum of Differential Operators, written jointly with M.O. Otelbaev, was published in Russian by Nauka Publishers, Moscow, in 1988.

Book with LemosLater on his interests drifted towards Econometrics. The first outcome was a textbook in Econometrics Manual de Econometria, written in co-authorship with A. Lemos in Portuguese, and published by Fundação Getúlio Vargas, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 2004.

Book at WileyThe second outcome was a monograph Short-Memory Linear Processes and Econometric Applications, published by Wiley & Sons, Hoboken, New Jersey, USA, in 2011.

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His last creative work is a textbook in Statistics: AP Stats and Business Stats: Raising the bar, Lulu Press, Inc., USA, 2015. It reflects his experience of teaching Statistics at the International School of Economics (ISE), Kazakh-British Technical University, Almaty, Kazakhstan. It is intended to help those who want to understand statistical methods, as opposed to learning a collection of statistical recipes. The emphasis is on the statistical background required to successfully learn the Econometrics course taught at the affiliate centers of the University of London (UoL).

Book by DoughertyThe ISE is a proud affiliate center of the UoL and as such has to use a very solid text Introduction to Econometrics, by Christopher Dougherty, published by Oxford University Press, UK, in 2016.