Sep 19

Music for work and pleasure

Music for work and pleasure

I love all kinds of music. However, while I work I prefer a quiet music. People have different names for it: chill, chillout, lounge, smooth jazz etc. I am not good at those names, I just want something that allows me to concentrate when I want and also is a pleasure to listen when I make it louder. There is plenty of such music on Youtube.

So I tune in one of online radios, for example this is good:


When I like a melody, I select its name, right-click and then click "Search Google". Most of the time it lands me on the corresponding Youtube video. Here comes the magic: there is a nice FREE program called 4K Video Downloader. You can download the whole video or you can extract just the audio. This is how my chillout collection reached 1000. They have other good products too.

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