Mar 24

Early Education and Brainbuilding

My book on Early Education and Brainbuilding

has been published on Apple books.

One of the main ideas concerns what I call an internal vision.

If you are interested in reading the book, send me a message, and I will give you a promo code. Note: as of now, the book is not available in Kazakhstan.

Publisher Description

The book contains recommendations for early education (preschool and primary school) and brainbuilding (adults). The emphasis is on intensive methods that give strong and lasting results and, correspondingly, require a considerable effort. Most advice will be useful also to school teachers as it explains how to develop basic supporting skills, such as memory, logic and imagination.

The author, Kairat Mynbaev, is a mathematician and university professor in Kazakhstan. He did research in mathematics, statistics, economics and finance. Two of his Math books have been published in the USA. The book reflects his personal experience in brainbuilding and teaching kids.

Book cover

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