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    Simple tools for combinatorial problemsSolution to problem 1(b) from exam ST2133 ZA, 2019 Simple tools for combinatorial problems Before solving the problem, it is useful to compare the case […]

  • The magic of the distribution functionThe magic of the distribution function Let $latex X$ be a random variable. The function $latex F_{X}left( xright) =Pleft( Xleq xright) ,$ where […]

  • Final exam in Advanced Statistics ST2133, 2022

    Unlike most UoL exams, here I tried to relate the theory to practical issues.

    KBTU International School of Economics

    Compiled by Kairat Mynbaev

    The total for this […]

  • A problem to do once and never come back

    There is a problem I gave on the midterm that does not require much imagination. Just know the definitions and do the technical work, so I was hoping we could put this […]

  • Marginal probabilities and densities

    This is to help everybody, from those who study Basic Statistics up to Advanced Statistics ST2133.

    Discrete case

    Suppose in a box we have coins and banknotes of only two […]

  • Strategies for the crashing market

    This year is a wonderful time to short the market. During the pandemic the Fed has been pumping money into the market, and it was clear that the huge rally from March 2020 to […]

  • This post is not an obituary. This is an ode to a living Teacher.

    Early years

    Mukhtarbai Otelbaev (I will call him MO for short) surprised us at the first meeting. It was a time when we had more strength than […]

  • Vector autoregression (VAR)

    Suppose we are observing two stocks and their respective returns are $latex x_{t},y_{t}.$ To take into account their interdependence, we consider a vector autoregression

    (1) $latex […]

  • Vector autoregressions: preliminaries

    Suppose we are observing two stocks and their respective returns are $latex x_{t},y_{t}.$ A vector autoregression for the pair $latex x_{t},y_{t}$ is one way to take into […]

  • Blueprint for exam versions

    This is the exam I administered in my class in Spring 2022. By replacing the Poisson distribution with other random variables the UoL examiners can obtain a large variety of versions […]

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    Estimation of parameters of a normal distribution

    Here we show that the knowledge of the distribution of $latex s^{2}$ for linear regression allows one to do without long calculations contained in the guide ST […]

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    Distribution of the estimator of the error variance

    If you are reading the book by Dougherty: this post is about the distribution of the estimator  $latex s^2$ defined in Chapter 3.

    Consider regression

    (1) […]

  • Kairat Mynbaev wrote a new post 2 years ago

    Sufficiency and minimal sufficiency

    Sufficient statistic

    I find that in the notation of a statistic it is better to reflect the dependence on the argument. So I write for a statistic, where is a sample, […]

  • Chi-squared distribution Chi-squared distribution This post is intended to close a gap in J. Abdey’s guide ST2133, which is absence of distributions widely used in […]

  • Gamma distributionGamma distribution Definition. The gamma distribution is a two-parametric family of densities. For the density is defined by ¬†(replace […]

  • Gamma functionGamma function The gamma function and gamma distribution are two different things. This post is about the former and is a preparatory step to study the […]

  • Analysis of problems with conditioningAnalysis of problems with conditioning These problems are among the most difficult. It’s important to work out a general approach to such problems. All […]

  • Sum of random variables and convolution Sum of random variables and convolution Link between double and iterated integrals Why do we need this link? For simplicity consider the rectangle The […]

  • Leibniz integral rule Leibniz integral rule This rule is about differentiating an integral that has a parameter in three places: the lower and upper limits of integration and […]

  • Solution to Question 1 from UoL exam 2020

    The assessment was an open-book take-home online assessment with a 24-hour window. No attempt was made to prevent cheating, except a warning, which was pretty realistic. […]

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